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Vandy Vape Mesh Wire comes in a variety of different wire types, including Kanthal (KA1) Stainless Steel (SS316L), and Ni80.

Designed for use with their Mesh RDA, the mesh wire can be used on any clamp-style post-less rebuildable deck that has a similar design to the Mesh RDA. Each Mesh Wire is five feet in length and can be very easily cut to size for use on a deck.

Please Note: We recommend using the pre-cut mesh included with the RDA as a template for cutting the best size from the spool which is approximately 10mm by 40mm. And for a perfect fit in the Mesh RDA you want to cut 3mm off of the length and 4mm off the width. So you will have a mesh cut that is 7mm x 36mm.


  • 1 x Vandy Vape Mesh Wire Spool (5ft)


KA1 Mesh Wire

  • 2.8ohm/ft – Approximately 0.36ohm for 40mm length
  • 80 Mesh – 80 holes per inch

Ni80 Mesh Wire

  • 1.8ohm/ft – Approximately 0.24ohm for 40mm length
  • 100 Mesh – 100 holes per inch

SS316l Mesh Wire

  • 1.2ohm/ft – Approximately 0.16ohm for 40mm length
  • 200 Mesh – 200 holes per inch

SS316l Mesh Wire

  • 0.9ohm/ft – Approximately 0.12ohm for 40mm length
  • 150 Mesh – 150 holes per inch

Important information regarding Pre-made Coils and Rebuildables:

This product is designed for experienced users, and for those possessing an ohm reader or multimeter to test their coils on.

This item requires a comprehensive understanding of the technicalities of vaping, along with knowledge of electronics and ohms law. We don’t advise any beginners to start rebuilding coils without speaking to us or a knowledgeable shop. We do not recommend using this kind of product with a mechanical mod of any kind.

A rebuildable coil must be tested carefully on an ohms reader before it is used on a device. Not testing this properly may present a safety risk for the user, and no new coils should be used on an electronic vaping device until the coil is known to be safe.

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SS316L, KA1, NI80


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